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i don't get it....

...the half naked chik, that is. the %16...now that i understand. actually, i didn't like the test, 'cause when it asked what i prefer eating, there were no vegan options! i bet it wouldn't change the score all that much. :P seriously though. i do like my country. but, either we're going through our terrible 2's, or we have no more room to grow and it's all gone to shit. i think i'm gonna start driving around with a shotgun in my trunk, an american flag on my antenna, and trippy 60's rock music constantly blaring out my open window. damn. i need a truck.

You Are 16% American
You're as American as Key Lime Tofu Pie
Otherwise known as un-American!
You belong in Cairo or Paris...
Get out fast - before you end up in Gitmo!

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